The Mount Black story begins with three friends: a hiker, a mountain climber, and a camping man. We each have an enduring, boundless passion for our avocations. We share with each other our experiences and knowledge - and a tale or two about our adventures.

In time, we decided other adventurers should benefit from our experience and knowledge. We wanted to share the gear that have helped us trek uncharted trails, conquer majestic summits, and survive under the stars. And so, Mount Black was established.

Our focus is on giving travelers and explorers the gear they need for every eventuality. Our handpicked products deliver performance, versatility, convenience, and comfort; they're just as useful in the home as they are on a snow-capped peak. From portable green energy solutions to functional outdoor gear, we have all the essentials for your adventurous lifestyle.


You won't find Mount Black on any map. It's something intangible; your life's goal, the elusive pinnacle, the summit you won't stop until you've reached. It's the mountain you see in your dreams and the place that inspires you to push yourself to the limit of your endurance.

With Mount Black, you'll scale new heights in mind, body, and spirit, never stopping until you've experienced that true, deep connection to the great outdoors.  


There's a vast and awe-inspiring world out there, brimming with untapped beauty just begging to be discovered. With Mount Black, you can be the one to discover it.

We have the tools you need to reach the pinnacle of your passion - the elusive Mount Black. We bring you portable green energy solutions that deliver not only during outdoor activities but also during home emergencies. We bring you hard-wearing, user-friendly gear to benefit your outdoorsy lifestyle. Above all, we aim to help you connect with nature, create a greener world, and have adventures that make awesome stories.



We firmly believe in supporting our planet’s welfare and reducing waste at every opportunity. Our dream is that future generations are able to enjoy Earth’s natural wonders as much as we do!

At Mount Black, our values go beyond just experiencing nature’s beauty. We want all of our camping supplies to contribute in the fight to preserve it.


As seasoned outdoorspeople, we don’t sell camping tools that will soon end up in a landfill. Every single item in our catalog is thoroughly tested for quality and sustainability so you can enjoy it for years to come.